IOS Application Development

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Why Us?

Our company issues multiple security features so that you can rest assured that your accounts will not be compromised while you're using the app.

Accept Credit Cards

With over 15 years of experience in the payment industry allow us to manage your payment processing.

Easy to use

Backend access to update pricing and manage multiple locations, view reports , and control your new payment technology

All Platforms

EMV capable applications, terminals, machines, self pay, IOS apps, and payment gateways

Save Money

Pricing options to support your industry providing the latest equipment with competitive pricing

Monthly Statements

All the data pertaining to your business right at your fingertips. Read your reports , fee summary, and types of transactions right through the app or website.

Various Payment Options

Allow your customers to pay their preferred way. With multiple terminal ID’s you see all transactions on one statement but give users the flexibility to order online, in person, their QR code, IOS app, credit card terminals, Point Of Sale systems, and invoicing. Grow your brand stepping up your payment options.

Backend Management

The dashboard in our software applications allows real time updates from your mobile device or laptop. The user interface is built with the tips and support features for your specific industry. Learn from our how to videos and have peace of mind  with 24/7 tech support assistance. 

Point Of Sale Consulting